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Black Canyon Coffee is the largest and most well known operator of franchised coffee houses in Thailand, it has now more than 200 branches all around Thailand and with 40 international locations in Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Dubai, Cambodia, China, Laos and Indonesia. BCC serves not only coffee but also Thai International Cuisine.

Black Canyon Coffee

Hot Coffee
Black Canyon Coffee A Drink from Paradise...available on Earth "Coffee...A drink from Paradise...available on Earth" is inspired from Talleyrand's famous words.

"The best coffee is a black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love! Talleyrand was a French stateman and orator (1754-1838)"

Best Foods
Perhaps you need something a little 'extra' to tide you over. "Black Canyon" offers a variety of delicious appetizer that can be eaten as snack at any time of the day.

In addition to the well accepted benefits of boosting perkiness, reducing fatigue of the muscles and increasing short term memory, recent studies have shown that coffee helps in reducing the headache that accompanies migraine as well as symptom of asthma in some patients.

Hot! Matcha
The biggest health benefits of Green Tea is it’s antioxidant properties, it boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when drank regularly.

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