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The secret ingredients are the variety of spices we use...

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Black Canyon

Black Canyon (Thailand) Company Lt., was established in 1993 to operate specialty coffee houses, serving to its customers Thai food dishes of the highest quality.

Here in the Philippines, we also adhere to the quality standards of Black Canyon Thailand, our Baristas and Chefs were continuously train to follow the strict standard.

Black Canyon finely selects quality coffee beans from the Agricultural Projects under Royal Patronage and combines them with those imported from coffee-producing sources all over the world.

The roasted coffee beans are then brewed in espresso machines imported from Italy, so as to keep their taste and standards, which is the uniqueness of the Black Canyon Coffee.

With unique culinary expertise, Black Canyon also offers an extensive food menu which includes, Western dishes such as soups, salads, sandwiches, steaks and pasta aside from the Authentic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Rad Na, Green Curry Soup and Thai  Spicy Salads.


Our Food

Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai and Spicy Papaya Salad ranked 4th, 5th and 6th place in CNN's World's Best Food for 2017.  

Tom Yum Goong  has all four of the famous Thai spices – salty, sour, sweet and spicy, the soup originates from Central Thailand and is a blend of fragrant lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice and coconut milk shapes this classic soup, giving it its legendary kick.

Pad Thai is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with shrimps, eggs and tofu, and is served with lime and crushed peanuts.

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